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Model PK-A & PK-AD
Air Shower Nozzle

Model PK SpotDiffuser

Seiho's compact Model PK-AD and PK-A Aluminum Wall/Ceiling SpotDiffusers are specially designed for a flush flange mounting to wall and ceiling construction within air shower systems. The flush-mount nozzles offer efficient use of space within the air shower chamber while providing complete directional adjustability for operational flexibility. The nozzles are arranged on walls and ceilings in a uniform pattern to ensure effective distribution of filtered air. The PK-AD features directional air stream control and precision air flow adjustment, whereas the PK-A is capable of directional control only. The heavy-gauge anodized aluminum is corrosion-resistant for years of service. The finished aluminum integrates seamlessly with various types of air shower systems.

Material: Aluminum
Finish: Anodized
Sizes: 3" & 4"


he SEIHO Model PK-A and PK-AD Air Shower Nozzles are manufactured from heavy-gauge aluminum. The overall heavy-duty construction exceeds industry standards by a wide margin. The multi-directional louver body and all other components are machined to close tolerances from solid aluminum alloys, then bright polished. The flange-to-body gasket consists of two tandem felt strips for a leak-proof seal. These components comprise a unit which provides smooth movement of the louver body when adjusting its direction. The flange mounting gasket is closed-cell neoprene or felt, depending on unit size. A knurled aluminum thumb-operated airflow adjustment knob facilitates control of airflow by regulating the volume out of the exit nozzle with the precision internal damper. The internal damper is under tension by a stainless steel spring for sealing and quiet operation.


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