Featured Projects
Apple Office Bldgs. - Central & Wolfe, Tantau, Bubb, Bandley, Macara, Data Center, Kifer: San Jose, CA (NT8, NT12, NT14, NT16, NT20, NT24, BS16, BS20, NTX6R, NTX8R, NTX10R, NTX12R, NTX14R, NTX8, NTX10, NTX12, NTX14, NTX16)
Amazon Rufus Block 19 Sphere: Seattle, WA (NTX20 x 24, NTX24R x 20, NTX24 x 2, NTX10R x 35, BS12 x 35)
Kendall -Toyota Dealer : Miami, FL(NT14 x 20, BS14 x 20)
Sentry Insurance : Stevens Point, WI(NT12 x 20, NT14 x 23)
NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston, TX(NT14-3P x 6)
Owen Roberts International Airport: Cayman Island (NT8 x 11, NT10 x 7, NT12 x 8, BS8 x 11, BS10 x 7, BS12 x 8)
Scotts Valley Middle School: Scotts Valley, CA (NT24 x 10)
El Camino College Gygm: Torrance, CA (NTX10R x 48, NTX8R 30)
Verizon: Dorsett, MO (NT12 x 14)
Bailey Power Plant: Winston-Salem, NC (NT10-3P x 12)
Gunderson Direct, Inc.: Alameda, CA (NT8 x 22, NT10 x 7)
Howard County Library System - Elkridge Branch: Elkridge, MD (NT8 x 22, NT10 x 3)
Nationwide HQ and Skywalk: Columbia, OH (NTX8 x 40, BS10 x 40)
Hilton Houston NASA : Houston, TX (NT8-2P x 7)
High School for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice: Houston, TX (NT14 x 19, NT16 x 5)
Comcast Cable & High Speed Internet: Seattle, WA (NTX8R x 89, NTX10R x 28), Auburn, WA (NTX8R x 45, BS10 x 45), Burien, WA (NTX10R x 6)
Owen Roberts International Airport: Cayman Islands (NT8 x 34, BS8 x 34, NT10 x 7, BS10 x 7, NT12 x 4, BS12 x 4)
Snooze AM Eatery Restaurant: Dallas, TX (NT14 x 3, BS14 x 3), Ahwatukee, AZ(NT16 x 3, BS16 x 3), Houston, TX(NT14 x 4, BS14 x 4)
Parx Casino: Bensalem, PA (NTX14R x 48, NTX16R x 6)
Sharpstown High School: Houston, TX (NT10 x 39, NT12 x 69, EC10 x 49, EC12 x 53)
Baltimore Museum of Art: Baltimore, MD (NT8-2P x 88)
Joey Restaurants: Winnipeg, MB CANADA (NTX8R x 45, BS10 x 45), Toronto, CANADA (NTX10R x 43, NTX8R x 10, NTX4R x 21), Sherwood Park, CANADA (NTX8R x 14)
Rosslyn Central Place Office Tower: Arlington, VA (NT10 x 84)
Chipotle Mexican Restaurants: Over 850 locations nationwide (NT, BS, NTX-R, NX)
Museos del Bancl Central de Cost Rica - BCCR : San Jose, Costa Rica (NTX16 x 27, NTX14 x 24, NTX6 x 1, PK16 E x 4, PK16K x 6)
Williamson County Regional Airport: Marison, IL (NT10 x 54)
Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at the University of Oklahoma: Norman, OK (NTX8R x 67, NTX14R x 48,NX8 x 24, NX10 x 34, NX12 x 36, NX14 x 4)
Kempsville Recreation Center: Virginia Beach (NTX6 x 74)
ManhattanVille Campus - Columbia University: New York, NY (NT12 x 26)
Spring Place: Ontario, CANADA (NTX20 x 22, NTX24R x 12, NTX24 x 2)
Hillcrest Shopping Mall: Ontario, CANADA (NTX20 x 22, NTX24R x 12, NTX24 x 2)
Edmunds.com Office Bldg: Los Angeles, CA (NTX6R x 64, NTX10R x 16, PK10R x 24)
Del Frisco's Steakhouse: Hoboken, NJ (NTX10R x 24, NTX14R x 10, NTX16R x 2)
BWI Airport - Southwest Terminal, Gate A : Baltimore, MD (NT14-2P x 29, NT6 x 83, NT8 x 10, NT10 x 40, NT14 x 64, NTX8 x 172, NTX10 x 12, NTX12 x 60, NTX16 x 56, PK20 x 15, PK18 x 10, PK12 x 46, PK10 x 2)
Del Frisco's Steakhouse: Hoboken, NJ (NTX10R x 24, NTX14R x 10, NTX16R x 2)
UNIQLO: Boston, MA (NT12 x 24, NT14 x 1, NT6-2P x 5)
Square One Shopping Centre: Toronto, CANADA (NT6-4P x 48, NT6-2P x 30, NT16 x 22, NT10 x 3)
BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse: Dallas, TX & Columbus, OH (NT12 x 50)
Full Sail University: Winter Park, FL (NTX10 X 2, NTX12 X 1, NTX16 X 27, NT14 x 10, NT12 x 6)
Erin Mills Town Centre: Mississauga, Ontario CANADA (NTX10 x 144, NTX8 x 28, PK16 x 32, PK20 x 40)
Springfield Town Center: Springfield, VA (NT10 x 328)
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport : Greer, SC (NT16 x 25)
Pamona College Studio Art Hall: Pamona, CA (NTX12R x 31)
Univ. of California, Riverside - Student Recreation Center: Riverside, CA (NT14 x 32, NT10 x 12)
Arlington Lexus Dealership: Palatine, IL (NT10 x 14)
Tubman African American Museum: Macon, GA (NT8 x 40)
World Trade Center Transportation Hub: New York, NY(NT8 x 80, NT14 x 80)
Storyville Coffee: Seattle, WA (NTX8R x 19)
The Qualcomm, Inc.: San Diego, CA (NTX16, NTX20, NTX10R, NT12P, NT14P)
Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI): Portland, OR (NT24 x 16)
Sri Lanka Temple Tree - Conference Hall: Sri Lanka (NT14 x 120)
Hillside Shopping Centre: Victoria, B.C. Canada (NT14 x 46, NTX16 x 34, NT10-3P x 9)
SeaWorld's 4D Theater: San Diego, CA (NTX12R x 20)
Iowa State Fair Cultural Center: Des Moines, IA (NTX12 x 72, NTX14 x 39)
Nissan Plant: Canton, MS / Smyrna, TN (NTX20 x 124, BS20 X 124, NTX8R x 40, NTX10R x 158)
Saenger Theatre : New Orleans, LA (NT16 x 25)
UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay : San Francisco, CA (NT14, NT16)
Darien YMCA : Darien, CT (NT12 x 24)
The UA's Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research : Tucson, AZ (NT8 x 16, NT8P x 32)
Gulf Quest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico: Mobile, AL (NT12 x 47)
Univ. of Michigan - Crisler Arena: Duluth, MN (NTX14R x 14)
Duluth International Airport: Ann Arbor, MI (NTX14R x 14)
Central Connecticut State University - Seth Residence Hall: New Britain, CT (NT4 x 68)
Cornell Univ. Stocking Hall : Ithaca, NY (NT6 x 22)
HP Data Center: Cambridge, MA (NT8-4P X 24)
Central Arizona College - Superstition Mountain Campus: Apache Junction, AZ (NTX8 x4,NT12 x 37, NTX8R x 4, NTX10R x 13, NTX8 x 4, NTX10 x 13)
Metromall Honduras : Tegucigalpa, Honduras (NT8 X 299, NTX20R x 132, NTX24R x 24, NT24 x 30)
Old Dutch Foods - Potato Chips Plant: New Brunswick, Canada (NTX8R x 18, NTX10R x 72, NTX12R x 20)
Army Reserve Training Center: Trenton, OH (NTX6R x 20)
Warrior Transition Unit - National Naval Medical Center: Bethesda, MD (NT8-2P x 6, NT14-2P x 2, NT14-3P x 2)
University of St. Thomas - Anderson Student Center: St. Paul, MN (NT8 x 24)
Reebok CrossFit One: Canton, MA (NTX8R x 14)
Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport: Liberia, Costa Rica (NT12 x 62, BS12 x 62)
John Thomas Dye School: Los Angeles, CA (NTX10 x 44)
National Rehabilitation Hospital: Washington, DC (NTX4 x 11, BS6 x 11, NTX8R x 27, BS10 x 27)
Brooklyn Museum: Brooklyn, NY (NT10 x 24)
Crowne Plaza Hotel: Charleston, SC (NT4 x 320)
Men's Wearhouse: Altamonte Springs, FL (NT8P x 24)
National Personnel Records Center - NARA: St. Louis, MO (NTX8R x 628, NTX10R x 90, NTX12R x 27)
Providenciales Int'l. Airport: Turks & Caicos Islands (NT14 x 32, BS14 x 32, PKP84-2020 x 8)
Ultrapark II Business Center: Costa Rica (NT14 x 16)
Southern Illinois Univ. - Boydston Center & SIU Arena: Carbondale, IL (NT10 x 3, NT12 x7, NT14 x 3, NT16 x 28)
Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center: Biloxi, MS (NT12 X 24)
Foley & Lardner, LLP: Washington, D.C. (NP12 X 7, NT10 X 6, NT12 X 12, BS10 X6 , BS12 X 39)
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: Los Angeles, CA (NT10-2P X 4, NT10-3P X 7)
Qatar National Convention Center: Qatar, U.A.E. (NT12 x 23, NT16 x 58, NT20 x 67, NT24 x 16, NP10 x 24)
North Carolina History Education Center: New Bern, NC (NT6-3P X 20)
Delaware State Univ. - Student Center: Dover, DE (NT10 X 31, NTX16R X 43, NTX4R X 1)
United Therapeutics Corp.: Silver Spring, MD (NTX6R X 89, NTX8R X 20, NTX12 X 2)
Amada America, Inc.: Schaumburg, IL (NTX6R X 89, NTX8R X 20, NTX12 X 2)
Grayson County College: Denison, TX (NTX20R X 20)
Yale Univ. Calhoun College - Renovation: New Haven, CT (NTX14 X 2, NTX10 X 2, NT8 X 4, BS16 X 2, BS12 X 2, BS8 X 4)
Dalton Agency: Jacksonville, FL (NTX6 X 4, NTX8R X 42)
Kansas City Art Institute: Kansas City, MO (NTX10 X 7)
San Francisco Marriott Hotel: San Francisco, CA (NT14 x 76)
Itson Indoor Arena: Obregon, Mexico (NT24 x 40, NT20 x 20)
Blum & Poe Art Gallery: Los Angeles, CA (NT8 x 24, NT10 x 28, NT12 x 4, RHV10 x 10, RHV14 x 7, RHV16 x 1, RHV20@x 2)
Raleigh Durham International Airport: Raleigh-Durham, NC (NT16 x 480, NT12 x 12)
Arizona Western College: Yuma, AZ (NTX8 x 48)
Lutheran Church of Saint Andrew: Silver Springs, MD (NTX10 x 49)
UVSC Digital Learning Center: West Valley City, UT (NTX6 x 222, NTX8 x 106, NTX10 x 16)
Museum of Tolerance: Los Angeles, CA (NT14 x 5)
Jacksonville Airport: Jacksonville, FL (NT10 x 390)
Nike - Administrative Office: New York, NY (NT6 X 2, NT10 X 35, NT14 X 26)
Tommy Hilfiger: New York, NY (NT6 X4, NT8 X 11, NT10 X 55, NT12 X 177, NT14 X 13 )
JFK Int'l. Airport - American Airlines Concourse "C": Jamaica, NY (NT6-4P X 10, NT10-2P X 10, NT14-4P X 4, NT12-4P X 8, NT14-2P X 4, NT10P X 20)
Flyaway Bus Terminal: Van Nuys, CA (NT12)
UNLV Sciece, Eng. & Tech: Las Vegas, NV (NT14 x 33)
Wartburg-Waverly Sports & Wellness Center: Waverly, IA (NT16 x 28, NT16-3P x 32)
Gainesville Health & Fitness: Gainesville, FL (NT6 x 3, NT8 x 8, NT10 x 20, NT12 x 8, NT16 x 4)
Hana Grill: Pasadena, CA (PK10, NT12, SXL10)
Ala Moana Shopping Mall: Honolulu, HI (NT24 x 16)
Keene State College, Pondside Res. Hall and Butler Court: Keene, NH (NT6 x 118, NT8 x 145, NT10, NT10-3P, NT12- 3P)
McAllen Building Condominiums: Boston, MA (NT6 x 74, RHV6 x 13, NTX6 x 1, NTX4 x 1, NT8 x 77, NT12 x 116, NT14 x 56, NTX6 x 22, NTX10 x 9, NTX12 x 1, PK4 x 62, PK7 x 78, PK5 x 10, PK4 x 1, PK7 x 27, PK5 x 4, PK3 x 20, NT6 x 27, RHV6 x 5)
South Placer County Bill Santucci Justice Center Courthouse: Roseville, CA (NTX12 x 12)
Hotel Andaz: San Diego, CA (PKP84-2020 x 8, NT16-4P x 2, NT16 x 5, NT12-2P x 2)
Radisson Hotel Waterford Ballroom: King of Prussia, PA (NTX4 x 10, 6 x 16, 8 x 13, 10 x 11, 12 x 6, 14 x 6)
Fashion Show Mall: Las Vegas, NV (NT24)
Greater Reading EXPO Center: Reading, PA (NT24 x 51, NTX24 x 90)
Univ. Massachusetts Berkshire Dining Hall: Springfield, CT (NT8 x 23)
21 Choices Frozen Yogurt: Pasadena, CA (NT16 x 4)
Foothill College Campus Center: Los Altos Hill, CA (NT10 x 32, BS10 x 32)
Pacific University: Forest Grove, OR (NT8 x 162, NT12 x 45, NT12 x 6)
St.John Center: LaPlace, LA (NTX20R x 22, NTX20R x 48)
Alexandria Int'l Airport: Alexandria, LA (NT14 x 10, NT14-4P x 2)
Shade Hotel: Manhattan Beach, CA (NTX8 x 14, BS10 x 14)
Reagan Presidential Library - Air Force One: Simi Valley, CA (NT14 x 40, NT8 x 3)
Muskegon Community College Campus - Health and Wellness Center: Muskegon, MI (NX8-2P x 37, NX10-2P x 22)
Lake Ann Camp - Christian Summer Camp : Lake Ann, MI(NX10 x 24, BS10 x 24, NX16-4P x 1)
Marriott Marquis Chicago: Chicago, IL (NX14 x 125)
Dyson Flagship Store: New York, NY (NX10 x 16, NX6 x 4)
Athens ISD High School: Athens, TX (NT16 x 30)
Performing Arts Lincoln High School: Stockton, CA (NX14 x 28, NX16 x 12)
Chick-Fil-A: Atlanta, GA (NX12 x 19, BS12 x 19)
Rockwood Summit Tower: Spokane, WA (NX6 x 379, BS6 x 379, SB6 x 60, SB6 x 6)
Washington University in St. Louis - Fitness Center: St. louis, MO(NX8 x 11, NX10 x 16, NX12 x 14)
City Mall Alajuela: Costa Rica (NX14 x 99, NX16 x 35)
Cafe Gratitude: San Diego, CA (NX10 x 14)
Sierra Pacific Constructors Office: Woodland Hills, CA (NX8, NX10, NX12, NX14)
Univ. of Alaska Anchorage Sports Arena: Anchorage, AK (NX16-2P x 10)
Golden Triangle Mall: Denton, TX (NX12 x 16)
Children First Academy: Phoenix, AZ (NX10 x 18, NX12 x 4, NX14 x 17, NX16 x 3)
Merck Warehouse: Durham, NC (NX10-2P x 67, NX16-2P x 3, NX14-2P x 2)
Yeager Airport: Charleston, WV (NX10 x 4)
Farmshop Restaurant: Larkspur, CA (NX10 x 6, BS10 x 6, NX12 x 6, BS12 x 6)
Univ. of South Carolina School of Medicine: Greenville, SC (NX8 x 24, NX12 x 12)
JCI - Johnson Controls Mega Block: San Antonio, TX (NX12 X 56)
The Advisory Board Company: Austin, TX (NX8 x 22,NX10 x 252)
Southgate Volkswagen / Norden Autohaus Volkswagen: Edmonton Alberta, Canada (NX12 x 12, NX14 x 24, NX8 x 6, NTX8 x 6, NTX12 x 6)
Maple Leaf Gardens: Toronto Ontario, Canada (NX8 x 140, PK12 x 5)
Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort: Lake Buena Vista, FL (NX10 x 7)
South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center: Vineland, NJ (NX10 x 3, NX12 x 8)
Chipotle Mexican Restaurants: San Jose, CA (NX10 x 4, TT8P x 36)
TD Ameritrade Park: Omaha, NE (PK10K x 17, NX6 x 8, NX8 x 69, NX10 x 38)
JL Sorensen Recreation Center: Herriman, UT (NX12 x 15, NX14 x 6)
Yard House Restaurant: Lakewood, CO (NX8 x 19, NX10 x 2, NX12 x 7, TT8P x 18)
H & M at The Forum Shops at Caesars: Las Vegas, NV (NX14 x 1, NX16 x 8)
Penn State Univ. - Reed Union Bldg.: Erie, PA (NX6 x 15, NX8 x 34)
Truman State Univ. - Pershing Hall: Kirksville, MO (NX10P X 24, NX12-2P X 14)
Michigan State Univ. - Brody Hall: East Lansing, MI (NX14 X 18)
Stepping Stones Museum For Children: Norwalk, CT (NX6 X 30, NX8 X 12, NX10 X 12)
Illinois State Univ. - Fitness Center: Normal, IL (NX10 x 16)