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 Submittal Sheet (Inch / Metric)
 High Resolution Picture
 Installation Instruction

The SXL Return Air Grille is a large version of the SX. Its main application is as a return air grille, though it can serve in the same purpose as the SX. Its flush face lends a clean look, and its aluminum construction and spring clip mounting makes it easy to install with no screws to mar the surface. Insect screens are an option.

No louver manufacturer warrants their louver to prevent water penetration under all possible circumstances of wind and rain.

 Anodized (Custom Colors Available)
 10", 12", 14", 16"
 Made from Machined Anodized Aluminum
 Water Condensation Drain
 Available with Bug Screen (Model SXL-N)
 Fresh Air Intake/Exhaust Outlet and Ventilation for Interior and Exterior Locations.
 Commercial Buildings
 Retail Buildings

Vent Cap Installation
 SEIHO Vent Caps are designed and manufactured with the architect in mind for every venting need requiredÉunder roof vents where no duct attachments are required, or for specialty vents, as outlets, attached to internal ducts from fan systems.

 SEIHO Vent Caps are designed for ease of installation on any exterior surface after all other mechanical and architectural work has been completed. There is no interference with other hidden or exposed items during the construction process, and therefore no cause for delays. Because of the lightweight aluminum construction SEIHO Aluminum Vent Caps are easily installed using only a high grade silicon Caulk. No special tools or techniques required. No adjustments are required.
Vent Cap Selection
 1. To determine minimum free area required for vent, divide the required CFM flow by the maximum recommended free area velocity of 750 FPM. Given 125 CFM: Min. free area = 125 CFM/750 FPM = 0.16 sq. ft.

 2. From the Dimension table, find the corresponding minimum vent size. Model SXL 10 has 0.19 sq. ft. free area.

 3. Verify the static pressure drop through the vent from the Pressure Drop Chart. Velocity of 750 FPM has 0.09 in. w.g. static pressure drop.
 The standard finish is clear anodized aluminum. Powder coatings in a variety of colors are available upon request at a nominal charge. Please contact our sales department for assistance and detailed ordering information.

Model SXL Dimensions (PDF Version)

SXL 10 10" 9 21/32 12 11/16 1 2 31/32 13/32 0.19 sq. ft.
SXL 12 12" 11 19/32 14 21/32 1 2 31/32 13/32 0.27 sq. ft.
SXL 14 14" 13 19/32 16 5/8 1 3 11/32 19/32 0.37 sq. ft.
SXL 16 16" 15 9/16 18 19/32 1 3 11/32 19/32 0.49 sq. ft.
Dimensions are in inches. Product information is Subject to Change Without Notice