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When the exhaust fan is running, the damper in the JSF / JSG Plastic Register will open to allow a constant amount of fresh air to enter the room. It will eliminate indoor and outdoor pressure imbalances and create a comfortable environment in the room. When there is strong gusty winds and or when ventilation is not necessary, the damper can be locked manually.

 Eliminates Pressure Imbalances Automatically
 Allows Exhaust fan To Run More Efficiently
 Diminishes Internal Noise
 Lockable Damper When Ventilation is not necessary
 Removable Square face (with or without louvers)
 Available for Standard Duct Sizes
 Durable ABS Plastic
 Off-White Finish

 ABS Resin
 JSG & JSF Download
 Submittal Sheet: JSG (Inch / Metric)
 Submittal Sheet: JSF (Inch / Metric)
 High Resolution Picture (JSG / JSF)
 Pressure Control for Todayfs Airtight Rooms

Model JSG Dimensions

Model JSF Dimensions

Dimensions are in inches. Product information is Subject to Change Without Notice