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Our dryer vents CFX is now available with a rigid, heavy-duty 8 1/2" long aluminum pipe attached to it. The round pipe is ideal for through-the-wall mounting, and is available in two sizes, 4" and 6". The CFXF-P Dryer Vents come standard with a flapper damper, preventing outside air from back-drafting into the house through the dryer. The heavy-gauge anodized aluminum construction is corrosion-resistant for durability.

No louver manufacturer warrants their louver to prevent water penetration under all possible circumstances of wind and rain.

 Anodized (Custom Colors Available)
 4" & 6"

 CFX-P/CFXF-P Download
 Submittal Sheet
 CFX-P (Inch / Metric)
 CFXF-P (Inch / Metric)
 High Resolution Picture
 Installation Instruction


Installation Examples: Dryer Vents with Back Draft Damper
Installed Vertically on the wall   Should not be installed horizontally
(i.e. on the roof, soffit under
a porch on gable ends)
  Use a 90 Degree elbow for roof installation.
=CORRECT Installation=
=WRONG Installation=
Our Dryer Vents are designed to be installed on the wall.   Our Dryer Vents with damper can not be installed upside down or in the horizontal direction.  

Model CFX-P Dimensions (PDF Version)

Model CFXF-P Dimensions (PDF Version)