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The new CFX hooded vent cap is similar to Model SFX, except the horizontal louvers are facing down. The benefit with the louver plate is that it can be easily opened for regular cleaning. This model is ideal for exteriors where protection from the elements is necessary and not already carried out by the building design. Insect screen and spring loaded backdraft damper are optional.

No louver manufacturer warrants their louver to prevent water penetration under all possible circumstances of wind and rain.

 Anodized (Custom Colors Available)
 CFX: 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12"
 CFXC: 4" & 6"

 CFX/CFXC Download
 Submittal Sheet
 CFX (Inch / Metric)
 CFXC (Inch / Metric)
 High Resolution Picture
 Installation Instruction


Installation Examples: Dryer Vents with Back Draft Damper
Installed Vertically on the wall   Should not be installed horizontally
(i.e. on the roof, soffit under
a porch on gable ends)
  Use a 90 Degree elbow for roof installation.
=CORRECT Installation=
=WRONG Installation=
Our Dryer Vents are designed to be installed on the wall.   Our Dryer Vents with damper can not be installed upside down or in the horizontal direction.  

Model CFX Dimensions (PDF Version)

Model CFXC Dimensions (PDF Version)