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Yardhouse Restaurant
Yardhouse Restaurant: Las Vegas, NV (TT8P, NT10-3P )
The Greentree Restaurant
The Greentree Restaurant:Bronx, NY (TT6, TT8)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Life Time: Las Vegas, NV NEW!
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: Atlanta, GA
Old Crow Smokehouse
Old Crow Smokehouse: Chicago, IL (PK6, PK8)
iFly Indoor Skydiving
iFly Indoor Skydiving: Chicago, IL (PK10, PK12)
Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn: Chicago, IL (PK8)
Portofs Bakery & Cafe
Porto's Bakery & Cafe: Buena Park, CA (PK12E)
The LINQ-High Roller Observation Wheel
The LINQ-High Roller Observation Wheel: Las Vegas, NV (PK10)
MGM Grand Hotel Ka' Theater:
MGM Grand Hotel Ka' Theater: Las Vegas, NV (PK8)
Flour & Barley Brick Oven Pizza
Flour & Barley Brick Oven Pizza: Las Vegas, NV (PK8)
Yard House Restaurant
Yard House Restaurant: Las Vegas, NV (PK12)
HU Kitchen
HU Kitchen: New York, NY (PK8K)
Urban Sydney Bar
Urban Sydney Bar: Sydney, Australia (PK12)
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas Convention Center: Dallas, TX (PK)
Art Institute Modern Wing
Art Institute of Chicago/Modern Wing: Chicago, IL (PK-E)
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: Los Angeles, CA (PKP82-2010, NT10-4P, NT10-3P, NT10-2P)
Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center
Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center: Las Vegas, NV (PK12/BS12, PK8/BS8, PK12E/BS12,NT10/BS10)
Dim Joy
Dim Joy Restaurant: Tokyo JAPAN (PK10K)
Orlando Infiniti
Orlando Infiniti: Orlando, FL (PK16)
 La Pausa Restaurant
La Pausa Restaurant: Tokyo, Japan (PK10K)
Zimbrick BMW
Zimbrick BMW: Madison, WI (PK12)
Hana Grill
Hana Grill: Pasadena, CA (PK10)
Metreon: San Francisco, CA (PK12, PK16, PK18)
Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center: Orlando, FL (PK18)
El Moro Rest Area
El Moro Rest Area: Manhattan Trinidad, CO (PK16)
Manhattan Beach Residence
Manhattan Beach Residence: Manhattan Beach, CA (PK8)

Dyson Demo Store
The Loft at Degnan's (NT) NEW!
Dyson Demo Store
Dyson Demo Store (NX)
Marriott Marquis Hotel
World Trade Center Station (NT)
Marriott Marquis Hotel
Marriott Marquis Hotel (NX14)
RTC Bike Center
Chipotle Mexican Grill (NT12)
RTC Bike Center
RTC Bike Center: Las Vegas, NV (NTX12, NTX14)
Walgreens: Chicago, IL (NTX10)
The Berkshire Room
The Berkshire Room: Chicago, IL (NT10, NT12)
Chick-fil-A: Pasadena, CA (NX12, NX14, RHV14)
Lombardi's Bistro 31
Lombardi's Bistro 31: Dallas, TX (NX)
Chipotle Mexican Grill: Los Angeles, CA (NT14, BS14)
H&M The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace: Las Vegas, NV (NX14, NX16)
Nike Harajuku
Nike Harajuku: Tokyo, JAPAN (NT10)
Air Force One
Reagan Presidential Library - Air Force One: Simi Valley, CA (NT8 & NT14)
Blum & Poe Art Gallery
Blum & Poe Art Gallery: Los Angeles, CA (NT8, NT10, NT12, RHV10, RHV14, RHV16, RHV20 )
Fashion Show Mall
Fashion Show Mall: Las Vegas, NV (NT16)
Volkswagen Shinjyuku: Tokyo, JAPAN (NT12)
Flyaway Bus Terminal: Van Nuys, CA (NT12)
21 Choices Frozen Yogurt
21 Choices Frozen Yogurt: Pasadena, CA (NT16)

University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley: Berkeley, CA (NR12B) Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Visitor Center
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Visitor Center: Culver City, CA (RHV14) Disney Vacation Club
Disney Vacation Club: Anaheim, CA (NR8B)
Fishhawk Ranch Welcome Center
Fishhawk Ranch Welcome Center: Lithia, FL (NR14B)
Audi Roppongi
University of Texas at Arlington College Park Center: Arlington, TX (RHV)
Audi Roppongi
Audi Roppongi: Tokyo, JAPAN (RHV10)
The Vue-Condos at Lake Eola
The Vue - Condos at Lake Eola: Orlando, FL (RHV6, RHV10, RHV10, RHV16)
Endeavor Talent Agency: Beverly Hills, CA (RHV10)
Toy Loft: Los Angeles, CA (NR12B)
Excelsior Caffe: Tokyo, Japan (RHV12)
Las Vegas Regional Transportation Commission: Las Vegas, NV (NR6B, NR10B, NR24B)

Osprey Apartment
Osprey Apartment: Atlanta, GA (SB4) NEW!
RKS Off-Road
RKS Off-Road: Arcadia, CA (SFZC4) NEW!
Avant Apartment
Post Midtown Apartment: Atlanta, GA (SFZ6)
Morningside Windsor Condo
Morningside Windsor Condo: Atlanta, GA (SB6)
Avant Apartment
Avant Apartment: Los Angeles, CA (SFB6)
The Seychelle Condos
The Seychelle Condos: Santa Monica, CA (SFZC4, SB6)
Ellington Apartments
Ellington Apartments: Pasadena, CA (SFB4, SFX6)
LUXE Apartments
LUXE Apartments: Pasadena, CA (SFB4, SFX6)
Studio 15
Studio 15: San Diego, CA (SFZC6, SFX5N)
The Q
The Q: San Diego, CA (SB4, SB6, SFX6, SFX8, SX6 )
Living at Noho
Living at Noho - Imperia: North Hollywood, CA (SFX4N, SFX5N, SFZC6)
Noho Apartments
14 NOHO Apartments: North Hollywood, CA (RCC6S)
Sunset Silver Lake Loft
Sunset Silver Lake Loft: Los Angeles, CA (RCC6S, RCA4S, RCA6S)
Broadway Lofts
Broadway Lofts: Santa Monica, CA (RCA4S, RCC4S)
The Lofts on Beach Avenue
The Lofts on Beach Avenue: Marina Del Rey, CA (SFZC4, SFZC6)
1600 Vine
1600 Vine at Hollywood & Vine: Los Angeles, CA (SFZ6, SFZC6)
Universal Loft
Universal Lofts: Los Angeles, CA (SFB4 & SFX4)
Cinema Lofts: Pasadena, CA (SFZC6)
Indigo Condominium: Marina Del Rey, CA (SFZC6)
R2 Living Lofts
R2 Living Lofts: Marina Del Rey, CA (RCC6 & SFZC6)
Azzurra Del Rey
Azzurra Del Rey: Marina Del Rey, CA (RCC6S)

Disney Vacation Club
28th Street Apartments-YMCA Renovation Project: Los Angeles, CA (SFX4N, SFX7N)
The Micropolitan at Urban Lights
The Micropolitan at Urban Lights: Los Angeles, CA (SFX6N x 29, SX6N x 4)
Art Institute Modern Wing
Catania Condos: Pasadena, CA (SX-N, SFX-N)
Steel Lofts
Steel Lofts: Marina del Rey, CA (SX4, SFX4)
WestEnd Marina del Rey Condos: Marina del Rey, CA (SFX4)
Element Loft
Element Lofts: Marina del Rey, CA (SFX4)